Aventus monthly summary: October 2018

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Dear Aventus followers, here are some top highlights of the last month!

Ticketing Industry

The past 2 months have been very busy in the ticketing industry, in September we have seen Ticketmaster’s controversy regarding its US policies, while this month, .

We surveyed over 1000 sports ticket-buyers in the U.S. to find out their attitudes


Not only ticketing activities are important to us, a reason why we attended blockchain events, such as the ones organised by LendingBlock and SVK Crypto, to meet other people/projects from the industry and get their thoughts on the sector we all work in.

LendingBlock meetup
SVK Crypto meetup

Devcon, Devcon, Devcon!

George — UX frontend developer and Angus — blockchain developer, have attended Devcon4, in Prague, representing Aventus, where we were acting as Olympic Community sponsors. Our colleagues have returned with more knowledge and fresh ideas!

George & Angus at Devcon 4


We promised a Tech AMA, and it’s soon coming up, so keep your eyes peeled this week! ….and thank you for your questions & patience!

We also want to share with you our latest protocol overview video, based on our updated and current business model.

We would love to hear your thoughts on it, so leave your comments below!

Our Telegram group has implemented a Reputation Rank System and we encourage you to use it…wisely! With this new rank, we aim to create a closer relationship between members and those who are the most helpful, to get acknowledgement and a REPUTATION.

These are the statuses members can achieve:

0: ‘Starter”

10: “Junior”

20: ‘Trusted’,

47: ‘Renowned’,

80: ‘⭐️ Glorious ⭐️’,

200: ‘⭐️⭐️ Grandmaster ⭐️⭐️

Join our discussions on Telegram now if you haven’t done so and test the reputation ranking system!

Finally, we are very happy to announce that you can now trade AVT, our token, on SwapOnline, a free decentralised hot cross-chain wallet, based on Atomic Swaps technology (peer-to-peer exchange between two blockchains with no third parties).

Aventus in the news

Now that you are here, we invite you to join our Telegram Group, Reddit,Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

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