EROSCOIN Product Update & Announcement

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Hi everyone!

It is with great pleasure that we come forward today and announce the launch of the Eroscoin Web Wallet to the community. It’s been a long journey of development for our team to achieve our milestone.

Since a few days, We were constantly running a few quantitative tests in our wallets & merchants, and today we are happy to launch the final product.

From now on, you can access Eroscoin web wallet at”>, and you can hold your cryptocurrencies in Eroscoin web wallet.

Initially, the wallet supports Ethereum & Eroscoin (ERO) token. The development team is working to add more coins & tokens, to store/send/receive in the nearest future.

Since you’ve signed on for this journey with us, we’d love to share our celebration with you. As a part of it, we’re announcing the special bounty rewards for Eroscoin wallet users.

Random 5 Users will receive 10000 ERO tokens into their account after one month. The bounty winners will be announced on Dec 1, 2018.

How to participate in the bounty?

You can participate in bounty at free of cost. All you have to signup on Eroscoin web wallet and start using the wallet. At the end of the bounty period, 5 random winners will be announced on Dec 1, 2018.

When will the Eroscoin Merchant Available?

An expected time of merchant platform launch will be on 4th November 2018. Stay connected with our social media.

Learn more about Eroscoin Project on our website.

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Eroscoin token is currently trading on the following exchanges:

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