Super Collector Tim Atwood BANNED from Nintendo Age – #CUPodcast

Sealed NES case collector Tim Atwood has been banned from the Nintendo Age forums after proving a point. Support Pat and Ian here:

Seeings the turn keys around here are so eager to show/use their authority, I didn’t get a chance to give an answer to:

Unintended consequences = Three accomplishments,  bu bu bu but, shit happens.

Apparently, some people have bad memories or a lack of reading comprehension skills. I stated exactly what I was doing in my initial post in the, “I guess ole Atwood wasn’t telling the truth…..” thread, when I stated:

Back in Dec of 2013, I let my wife list a Mario Arcade. She had 3 descent offers on it. One for $4k, $5k and another for $10.5k. I didn’t let her accept any of those offer, because they weren’t the right person. They were resellers, selling with high BIN’s. My rarer games aren’t listed for the money, rather to find a deserving person that will cherish the game. I sold the Mario to someone I met, when I first started on ebay, back in 2001. I hadn’t talked to him in years, but I knew he was a Mario lover. I made him come to my home, to pick it up. I wanted to see the expression on his face when I handed it to him. That was well worth the $1.”

More importantly was this sentence, “My rarer games aren’t listed for the money, rather to find a deserving person that will cherish the game.”

Since all the hoopla, I have acquired a list of hundreds of individuals that might fit the, “deserving and cherish” aspect of what I’m looking for. I never said I won’t be finding good homes, I just don’t need to list the games on ebay any longer. So, this is my first accomplishment, I found people to help!!!!!

I never heard of nor had any communications with Pat before I received a link to the Stadium Events Case Podcast. I sent Pat an email and we communicated back and forth. Pat released my case list of the Nes games for the world to see. People now know these games aren’t as rare as others would pretend they are. Hopefully, people will no longer pay the price greedy sellers want. So, this was my second accomplishment.

My third accomplishment, I have a list of individual I will never help, including:

  1. My stalker— ju ju ju ju ju just wait for it. -;)
  2. Icemanxp300  aka  Starshooter
  3. Questfornes – talks shit about you behind your back
  4. mattbep – He knows why
  5. And the list goes on

Captwarmonger seems to think the posters aren’t a collectible, ask the two individuals that spent good money on the first one, they would disagree.

Buyer 1-  “I’m so ecstatic I won the auction.” “Just received the poster today. Super cool. Thank you so much.  Now To get it mounted and framed. Again thank you for making this year a great one to remember.”

Buyer 2- “THANK you very much, everything arrived today. Looks amazing.” “Thanks also for the extra certificate of authenticity :)”

Furthermore, I think it’s cowardly for a turn key to reply to a post, then lock the thread, so a person can’t respond.

Apparently, if there’s any resemblance of fun around here, it gives the turn keys to much work. Go back to your hum drum website. I have work to do now. Doesn’t mean all work and no play. -;)

BTW, you can call me “dick”, Tom does and thats how I know he’s paying attention, when we’re having a conversation. “You dick.”

One more thing. Since I was so rudely interrupted, during a spirited conversation, the other night by a turn key. I will reply to my stalker here.

The page in question is not gone and I’ll tell you why, with a short story.  Jim is sitting on a stool at the bar. He hates being called James but… A couple close friends walk upto him and address him as James. They talk for a second and leave. Someone is sitting on the other side of Jim, that was evesdropping. He calls out “James” no reply, “James” no reply, so he gets up and leaves. You see Jim is not gone he’s still sitting on the exact same stool just like my page is sitting on my server, in the same folder, the exact same place and it is not gone. You’re calling it James instead of Jim.

Stalker: “Mommy Mommy, Tim made fun of me when I searched for Jim” “I was in the NintendoAge safe speech zone too.” snf snf snf

K3vbot:: “Thats alright honey, please don’t cry, I’ll take care of him, I’ll ban him.”

Banned – My point was proven and with  NO email, NO warning. I guess we are on the family banning plan, my wife said she was banned too and she hadn’t made a post since April 24th.. Pat was right, If you’re not “one of their kind” you get treated like shit.

UPDATE- My wife went over to a friends house so she could get on NA. My IP was blocked when I was banned. So she couldn’t sign on. She sent several of the turn keys the same question to get different perspectives.

Tim wants to know if/when he ever decides to post here again, if this would be an acceptable response to someones post?”

Apparently that is a no no. She was banned for spamming NA staff. I find it amusing a private, turn key access only thread was made in regards, soooo. What a bunch of shit.………