Celebrating how far we’ve come — and our first sports ticketing trial, with BlocSide

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Last week we celebrated the release of the first version of the Aventus Protocol at Imperial College in Kensington — a triumphant return home for founders Alan Vey and Annika Monari, who met during their studies at the university.

Attendees from the blockchain world, the ticketing industry and academia were present, along with everyone from the Aventus team.

As well as hearing from Annika and Alan on the current status of the protocol, attendees heard from Professor William Knottenbelt, Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering (a bit of a mouthful, but one he assures us he’s very proud of!) and Professor David Gann, VP of Innovation at Imperial.

Alan Vey & Annika Morani, creators of the Aventus Protocol

We also had some exciting breaking news for attendees: we’ve just announced our first sports ticketing trial, working with BlocSide Sports to fuel an event during the 2018 World Cup totalling over 10,000 tickets. BlocSide currently has partnerships with 25 football clubs globally, leveraging cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality and frictionless payments to improve fan engagement, and is partnering with us to add blockchain ticketing into the mix.

More exciting updates to come soon from the world of music and beyond — stay tuned for those!

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BBC World Service: Alan and Annika were also interviewed on the BBC World Service over the weekend — you can hear them from 42:17

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