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Tony Sousa – Financial Account Manager -Financial Advisor |  Hardik Zadafiya – Lead Technology advisor – Smart Contract Developer |  David Blottie – Blockchain Legal Expert -Legal and Compliance Advisor | Rick Shaddock – Digital Assets/Currency Manager – Business Advisor | Frank Bonnet – CEO at DCORP – Project Development Advisor | Hansco Leek – co-owner/founder at Autodealers. – Platform strategy Advisor | Sergei Sergienko – CEO at -Advisor

What is ErosCoin ?

EROSCOIN is Blockchain based decentralised multi cryptocurrency payment gateway. It makes worldwide transactions between consumers, merchants, businesses, distributors and community by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. An open source ecosystem for the blockchain community. Securely send & receive money instantly.

EROSCOIN has started offering wide range of payment products including web wallet, mobile wallet, merchant payments, in chat payments and more. Use EROSCOIN to send, receive & make payments without middleman using stable, secure and fast Blockchain network.

What is a EROSCOIN token:

Eroscoin – Eroscoin Blockchain Share – represents the right to receive a part of company’s profit. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. Any number of tokens (100%) sold at the end of ICO have right to receive 20% of company’s profits

Initial Rate:

Price per token, locked. 1 ERO token = 0.15 USD

ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is a unique opportunity to support a business at the stage of its founding by purchasing digitized shares of the company in form of tokens. Right after the ICO, all investors will receive ErosCoin Tokens (ERO) to their wallets. At the same time, ERO will become available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, at the end of a financial year, 5% of the distributable profit of Eroscoin Payment Institution or Eroscoin is redistributed to all holders of Eroscoin tokens according to smart contract conditions.


Coin Distribution ERO Token distribution is defined as follow: ICO (50%), Foundation (20%), Advisory & Escrow (9%), Reserve Fund (10%), Charity (10%), Bounty (1%). Bounties will be served to the user as per norms.
Symbol ERO
Total Supply 240 Million ERO Token
Initial Rate 1 ERO Token = 0.15 USD
Currency Accepted BTC, ETH, LTC Accepted