AVT one of the first tokens featured on newly-launched cryptocurrency marketplace, AirSwap

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Launching today, AirSwap is a decentralised exchange network designed to drive engagement and adoption of participants into many crypto markets.

designed to drive both market makers and takers into many markets. AirSwap’s goal is to make connections, open opportunities, and facilitate trade.

AVT, the token underpinning the Aventus Protocol, is one of the first tokens to be listed on the network.

AirSwap’s marketplace technology allows users to obtain project-specific ERC20 tokens — such as AVT — without the attendant risk of using centralised crypto-exchanges. By offering a trading widget to third-party applications on the network, AirSwap enables those applications to distribute their token directly to user communities, providing peer-to-peer, decentralised liquidity. This allows users to purchase tokens in a more secure, transparent and controlled manner, avoiding the potential manipulations so often seen on traditional exchanges.

“A lot of the manipulation [regulators] talk about is something like a pump and dump, where a lot of people come in and buy something and then they sell it to someone else that happens on a centralised order book,” said Michael Oved, Co-Founder of AirSwap, speaking to Bloomberg this week, “That’s actually not possible on AirSwap: on AirSwap, all trades are matched peer-to-peer, so we’re leveraging the power of blockchain, we are not sitting in between trades and deciding how trades match, they are matched by the Ethereum network itself.”

Crypto Manipulation ‘Not Possible’ on AirSwap, Co-Founder Says

Benefits of AirSwap for us:

  • Less time-consuming and expensive than listing on centralised exchanges
  • Through the trading widget, gives us a way to securely offer AVT to users directly within the browser without running an Ethereum node

Benefits of AirSwap for users:

  • Enables secure purchase of AVT directly from your browser (via the trading widget), without the need to run an Ethereum node
  • Peer-to-peer trading means that all trades are wallet-to-wallet: no trading fees, no middlemen and users maintain full custody and control over their assets at all times
  • Abundant P2P liquidity backed by a network of market-makers
  • Simple and secure

To get started, visit the new AirSwap site.

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